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Pink and Gold First Birthday Party for Caroline!

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Catherine

Caroline is ONE!

I still can't believe that our sweet baby girl has turned one! We had the best time celebrating her birthday with all of our friends and family. Our house was bursting at the seams with six kids under three, my sisters, parents, and in-laws. It was crazy (in a good way most of the time)! There was so much laughter, a few tears, and lots of love and family time. We moved away from our family four years ago when we moved to Dothan, so it was a special treat to have so many family members come in town to celebrate Caroline's first birthday with us. 

Pink Birthday Cupcakes!We had a tradition growing up in my family of all girls: On your birthday, you get pink cupcakes with pink icing. Yes, it's from a box. And yet, it is still absolutely delicious! My mom would make us pink cupcakes for our birthday and let us eat them for BREAKFAST because she is the So, when my mom, sisters, and nieces and nephews arrived from Texas, our first order of business was a pre-birthday party celebration for Caroline to get her first taste of the pink cupcake birthday tradition...she LOVED it...but then again, who wouldn't?!

It truly takes a village to throw a birthday party, especially one that is hosted first thing in the morning! I don't know how I would have done with without so many hands. Everyone pulled my "vision" together in no time.

Thanks mostly to Amazon and Etsy, I found my pink and gold party decor. I found the gold birthday crown here, the pink and gold high chair banner here, and the gold "one" banner that I strung across the other high chair banner here. Caroline's adorable bib she wore while eating her cake was made by a local woman on instagram (@sawyerscharm - check her out!) I made the "Caroline is one!' banner with my silhouette cameo that I use for my stork signs and cupcake signs. And Hobby Lobby and Party America had the pink and white crate paper, gold and pink poofs, and pink and gold platters. Amazon, of course, had the rest (like the pink and white M&Ms, napkins, pink and gold plates, etc).

This right here may be my favorite part:

When Caroline was eating her smash cake (made by Tara's Temptations), her cousins all thought they needed to "help her" eat it! Thank goodness she's got so many big cousins and a sweet big brother to look after her!

Caroline's first birthday party was so much fun. Of course, we had to have our pink cupcake yard sign in the front yard for her birthday, and we took our group picture by it with all the was HILARIOUS! Half the kids were crying or running away, but those are the best kind of memories, right? It's like the best Santa Claus pictures are the ones where the kids are red faced and crying. Make a kid sit still for a picture, and the tears will flow! Nevermind that five seconds later, they are running around laughing and playing again! I may never understand that...



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